Apple Event Announcements — iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, AirPods Pro 2 and More

Apple Event Announcements — iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, AirPods Pro 2 and More

Apple held a new product launch conference in autumn, launching the iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch Pro 2nd generation, and Apple Watch Series 8.

Similar to the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June this year, this autumn conference still held online, but also invited some media to go to Apple Park to experience the products on the spot.

At the press conference, the media actually watched the video recording of the press conference at the Jobs Theater. However, Apple executives will have some interaction with offline participants. Before the start of the conference, Apple CEO Cook took the stage and told the audience that he missed the offline conference very much.

Cook claimed that only Apple can make the collaboration experience of the mobile phone, watch and earphone better.


Apple Watch 8th generation:apple watch 8

measure body temperature & monitor car accidents

Apple's eighth-generation smartwatch debuted first. Apple invited all the people who were saved by Apple Watch to read a thanks letter to Apple.

The people in these stories are all from real life. At some point, they were helped by the Apple Watch to detect heart abnormalities that they did not notice in time and were sent to the hospital.

In order to make the function of car accident detection, Apple added two new sensors to the 8th generation watch, and added a series of algorithms to ensure that all kinds of crashes in all directions can be detected.

apple watch series 8


New AirPods Pro:airpods pro 2

Better noise reduction & a speaker in the box

It has been 3 years since the launch of the AirPods Pro generation in 2019. At this conference, it finally has an update to the AirPods Pro series.

Its name is still AirPods Pro. The shape is basically the same as the previous generation. it is used with H2 chip, and a new ear-size XS for more choice.

airpods pro 2 size

The active noise reduction capability of the new AirPods Pro has been doubled, and the computing power of active noise reduction has reached 48,000 times per second, so the noise reduction effect is better. This AirPods Pro increases the battery life to 6 hours, and the charging case can reach 30 hours. A slight improvement over the previous generation.

airpods pro 2

iPhone 14 series:

iphone 14 pro

Support satellite help

There are four iPhone models this year, including the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The screen size of the iPhone 14 and iPhone is 6.1/6.7 inches. In terms of overall appearance, there is no fundamental change compared to the iPhone 13.

iphone 14

The newly launched iPhone 14/14 Plus uses the A15 chip, and Apple also announced that all iPhones no longer have a physical SIM card slot, and all use eSIM. This is an important hardware change in the history of iPhone development. The biggest change is that the iPhone 14 series supports satellite SOS emergency contact.

The biggest change in appearance this time is the iPhone 14 Pro\Pro Max, which replaced the bangs design with a smaller camera opening. In terms of color, dark purple replaced last year's  blue color and became this year's popular color. Apple still maintains the ability to create a popular color a year.

iphone 14

If you always out of door, you need to carry power banks to ensure meet the needs of mobile phone battery life. At present, some power banks on the market have good practicability and some beautiful designs, but they often cannot have both.

iphone 14

Recently iWALK also released a pocket juice portable charger with a new purple color. The mini shape design allows you to put it directly in your pocket and carry it with you without feeling heavy. This iWALK small portable charger supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol, which can quickly charge the mobile phone.

portable charger

This pocket juice portable charger also supports iPhone and type-C mobile phones. It has a variety of colors of black, white, pink and purple to choose from.

When you go out suddenly and the phone is out of power, although the 20000mAh large size can fully meet the needs of charging and battery life for a whole day, but one charge is enough for daily use. Why choose a large size with a few hundred grams? If you are the one who has strict requirements on size and weight, an iWALK small portable charger is a good choice when going out for a short time.

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