Is Ceramic Better Than Glass iPhone?

Is Ceramic Better Than Glass iPhone?

Due to the long-term use in the hand, the feelingl of the phone is crucial.

Looking at the materials used in the back shells of mobile phones currently on the market, they can be roughly divided into five camps: plastic, glass, metal, plain leather and ceramic.

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Which material feels the best is a matter of opinion, but relatively speaking, ceramics appear very rarely.

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I don't know if you have found it. These mobile phones made of ceramic materials are, without exception, the flagship products of each company.

This can lead to a conclusion: the flagship machine does not necessarily use ceramics, but the ceramics must be very high-end.

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And just recently, there are signs that Apple will also launch a ceramic version of the iPhone in the future.

Because Apple published a patent titled "Electronic Device with Textured Zirconia-Based Components."

Apple describes in the patent that the zirconia-based component can provide a matte appearance to the outer surface of electronic devices.

Although no specific details of the material were given, it was noted that it was made of ceramic.

I also checked the relevant information and learned that zirconia refers to zirconium dioxide, which has physical properties such as high hardness, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

It is not only the main raw material for artificial drills, but also has a wide range of application scenarios in the field of ceramics.

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Admittedly from the description of the patent, zirconia is shown to be used in watch models, but it may also be used in iPhones.

Since this possibility exists, it means that Apple may replace glass with ceramics in the future.

However, according to Apple's style, even if it happens, it will be limited to the Pro series.

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After the news was exposed, many fans were overjoyed and hoped that Apple would hurry up and launch an iPhone with a ceramic body as soon as possible.

Fans believe that ceramic materials have three major advantages:

First of all, in view of the current application of ceramics, it complements Apple as the handle of the machine.

When high-end iPhones and high-end ceramics combine, it will push smartphones to a whole new level.

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Secondly, the texture and quality of ceramic materials are obvious to all. Compared with other materials, the sense of transparency is higher and the appearance is more exquisite.

The hardness and strength are also outstanding, and there is basically no need to worry about the risk of breaking.


Finally, the feel of the ceramics is also not to be said.

Assuming that the back cover of the iPhone is replaced with ceramic, the feel will likely be further improved.

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Of course, some people like it and some people hate it, and some fans said, don't let ceramics appear on the iPhone.

As for reason, there is a very prominent problem with ceramics - weight.

Shen Yiren, the former vice president of OPPO, once said: "When the material of ceramics is used in mobile phones, there are no other disadvantages except for the weight."

Indeed, while ceramics have a series of advantages, the drawback of weight cannot be ignored.

Previously, the ceramic body of Xiaomi MIX 4 was made of high-purity nano-zirconia composite material. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, the weight was reduced by 30% while retaining the texture.

But even so, the weight still reaches 225g.

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What's more, judging from the trend of the iPhone in recent years, the weight has repeatedly hit new highs, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which weighs 238g.

If on this basis, with a stainless steel frame and a ceramic back cover, the weight of the bare metal is properly half a catty.

At that time, the weight will offset the good feel of the ceramic, which will outweigh the gain.

I think the three major advantages pointed out by netizens are right. But on the issue of weight, I also have a deep understanding.

At this stage, it is difficult to find a balance between texture and weight.

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Regarding Apple's launch of a ceramic version of the iPhone, I feel that it is indeed possible in the future, but it is not realistic in the past year or two.

The reason for this is due to two considerations. On the one hand, compared with conventional materials such as plastic and glass, the production cost of ceramics is relatively high.

In fact, long before the release of the iPhone 8, there was news that Apple might be equipped with a ceramic back cover.

However, according to the designer's analysis, to produce ceramic back covers, Apple needs to build a production factory the size of two football fields.

The material sintering time for each machine is about 36 hours, and the time for grinding the shell also takes two hours, which is quite expensive in terms of production cost and time cost.

Compared with the high production cost and time cost of changing the back cover of the mobile phone, changing the color will be more realistic.

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