What Kind of iPhone Power Bank Do I Need?

What Kind of iPhone Power Bank Do I Need?

These days, the power bank is no longer a high-tech product, but a must-have home necessities for everyone.

However, whenever your mobile phone is updated or you have more and more devices, you will feel extremely confused what iPhone portable charger you should pick.

On the homepage recommendation, dozens of portable iPhone charger brands and thousands of product models are similar in appearance, but the price difference can reach dozens or even hundreds.

how to choose suitable power bank

Ordinary people who don't know the parameters have little understanding of "Android and Apple can use", "large capacity" and "PD fast charge" marked by most businesses on the promotional pages, and can only choose the iPhone portable charger which is in the front of rank and has lots of good reviews.

As a result, the "blindly selected" fast charging power bank may charge at turtle speed, and would be broken after half charging the mobile phone.

Is your power bank broken?

No, it's just really hard to choose the right one.


If you want to buy a good portable iPhone charger, don't just look at the battery capacity.

Before buying an iPhone portable charger, you need to understand a concept. A power bank can charge a mobile phone several times, depending on how much energy the power bank saves, and its unit is watt-hour (Wh).

The 10000mAh battery capacity of an iPhone power bank can be understood as the level of water in the kettle. If you directly divide this number by the capacity of the mobile phone battery, you will not get the number of charges.

This is because the respective calibers of the kettle and water glass are not taken into account. When the diameter of the kettle is large, the water level is high; when the diameter is small, the water level is low. The diameter of the kettle is actually the input voltage of the battery cell of the power bank.

The energy stored by the power bank is the product of the battery capacity and the input voltage. With the water storage capacity of the kettle, it is necessary to know the water storage capacity of the cup to learn how many cups of water can be poured. But usually, the energy of the mobile phone battery is written on the cell, and it can only be seen when the phone is disassembled.

In daily life, for those who depend on mobile phone lightly, a 9000mAh power bank can guarantee at least one charge. This iWALK portable charger is also an apple watch power bank.

iWALK power bank 9000mAh

Those who are moderately dependent on mobile phones can consider one of the iWALK power banks which has 20000mAh battery that can charge their mobile phones 3-4 times.

iWALK power bank 20000mAh

Capacity is not the bigger the better. Unless you have special needs for a big battery (such as camping in the wild), a large capacity of more than 30000mAh can also be excluded. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity, the heavier the portable iPhone charger will be.


It is better to choose a power bank that can fast charge. The two iWALK portable chargers I mentioned earlier both support fast charging.

The capacity determines the basic battery life of the power bank, and the fast charging function determines the speed of charging the mobile phone, which is related to the user experience.

The fast charging power bank is a little more expensive than ordinary charging, but the experience of use is better than ordinary power bank. Nowadays, it is standard for mobile phones to support fast charging.

However, you should not just choose a fast charging power bank blindly, you must see if there is a fast charging agreement.

Only the fast charging protocol that is compatible with the mobile phone and the power bank can trigger the fast charging mode. Moreover, no matter how fast speed the power bank can give, in fact, the mobile phone has the final say.

Therefore, if the fast charging protocol is not compatible, even if you use a 125W super flash charging power bank, you can still charge phone in at 5V 0.5A turtle speed.

However, the number of fast charging protocols is large. There are not only public protocols released by industry leaders such as USB IF and Qualcomm, but also a bunch of private protocols developed by mobile phone manufacturers. These agreements have caused serious selection difficulties for ordinary people who do not have this knowledge.

Don't worry, here we tell you directly how to buy it.

For Apple users, look for the PD protocol power bank.

The iPhone supports 2 fast charging protocols: one is Apple's own 2.4A fast charging protocol, and the other is the USB PD fast charging protocol, which supports up to 18W or 20W of power. The former's 12W fast charging speed is far less than the latter's.

If your mobile phone is an iPhone 8 and above, then buy the power bank of the USB PD fast charging protocol.

Generally speaking, a power bank with a capacity of 9000mAh is enough for daily use. If you need a larger capacity, for example, you need to charge your laptop, you can choose a 20000mAh battery pack or even larger capacity power bank.

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