Is the charging speed of the USB C port fast?

Is the charging speed of the USB C port fast?

In the past, while iPhones did support USB PD fast charging, the highest power reached was 20W. However, even the high-end versions of iPhone only came with a USB-A to Lightning data cable and a 5W charger.

To enable USB PD fast charging, you would need to separately purchase cables and chargers that support USB PD fast charging. So, will Type-C bring faster charging speeds?

Apple reluctantly switched from Lightning to Type-C under strong consumer demand, and even under pressure from various organizations, alliances, and countries.

However, does changing to a Type-C interface necessarily guarantee an improved user experience? Not necessarily. The answer is that it won't.

Although the iPhone 15 series all use Type-C interfaces, only the higher-end models, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, support Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, offering bi-directional bandwidth rates of up to 40Gbps and supporting a maximum of 100W PD fast charging.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus still only support USB 2.0 specifications. If you want high speed, they force you to buy the high-end model.

As of now, there is no news indicating that the iPhone 15 will receive an upgrade in fast charging or battery capacity. Nowadays, mobile phone usage is very high, and almost every phone has some degree of battery life issues.

When your phone runs out of battery and you want to go out, you have to carry a power bank with you. However, large and heavy power banks are really inconvenient.

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