Spring, A Wonderful Season for Traveling

Spring, A Wonderful Season for Traveling

You must see this essay when you are ready to go out!

Winter has gone , and spring is coming on. 

A variety of flowers come out to show their beauty and bring us fragrance. It is a feast for our eyes and souls. The yellow grass suddenly turn green. The young leaves grow on the branches. The swallows fly back home with the greeting of spring. 

Everything is coming to life. Feeling the warm sunshine, enjoying the beautiful scenery, listening to the wonderful music, drinking the new tea.

Spring is the most fantastic season in the year. It means so much to the other three seasons.

In such weather, of course, you have to make an appointment with three or five friends and have a good time. There are many benefits of spring outing. Strengthen the body, relieve fatigue, nourish and protect the eyes... But do you know what should be careful when spring outing?

spring camping friends

[Don't go out too early]

In the morning of spring, there are many impurities in the air and the fog is heavy. It is best to choose a sunny day with less fog when going out. It is best to go out after the sun comes out. Especially for the elderly, coupled with the low temperature in the morning, it is easy to cause cardiovascular diseases.

[Watch the weather]

The weather in spring is changeable and the temperature fluctuates. Before deciding to travel, pay attention to the weather forecast and bring what you need to bring according to the weather. If it is found that there is water seepage in the wall joints, the weather is abnormally hot, and the humidity is significantly increased, such weather means that there must be heavy rain in two or three days, so avoid going out. It is best to bring rain gear when you go out, whether it is rain or sun protection will help.

[Let's go light]

For outdoor activities, we only bring daily necessaries to reduce the burden of activities. Mobile phones, iPad and other electronic products are best packed in special bags to avoid being left behind or inconvenient to exercise.In addition, don't forget to bring a few more like iWALK portable charger for iphone which is in  travel essentials lists. In order to avoid the mobile phone power consumption is too fast that you can not capture the beautiful moment. You can bring iWALK magnetic wireless power bank. It is a wireless charging battery pack. It is compatible with iPhone 12/13 series. Did you feel not convenient that if you bing a battery charger for iphone but need to bring a charging cable? Then magnetic wireless power bank is fit for you.

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[Dress appropriately]

Pay attention to dressing well when traveling in spring. Because the climate is changeable in spring, it is warm and cold, so bring enough clothes to prevent colds. The shoes should be light, non-slip and highly elastic sports shoes, and the size should be appropriate, so that they are suitable for long-term walking. Also prepare goggles and sunglasses.

[Place selection]

It is better to travel in the suburbs in spring, and it is best not to travel far away, otherwise it will be exhausted by boat and car, physical and mental exhaustion, and affect work and study. The best choice for spring should be fields, lakesides, parks, forest areas, mountainous areas and other places. These places have more "air vitamins" - negative ions, which have the effect of strengthening the brain, expelling labor and invigorating the spirit. Drive away the phenomenon of spring sleepiness.

outside camping

[Warm up in advance and exercise in moderation]

If you do a lot of exercise, you should warm up in advance to relax your muscles and joints to avoid strains. For friends who do not exercise much every day, they should pay attention to the amount of exercise according to their own situation.

[Replenish water in time]

Drink water appropriately during exercise. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink water. Replenish water in time, which is conducive to blood circulation and helps to remove impurities in the body.

[Prevent insect bites or allergies]

Spring is the season for the recovery of all things, so there will be a hundred flowers blooming. However, you should be careful to prevent and treat pollen allergies in spring. If you have ever been allergic to pollen, it is best to avoid places with flowers when choosing a spring travel destination. Do not directly contact flowers or leaves with your lips, nose and face to avoid allergies. It is also necessary to prevent mosquito bites. If you are accidentally bitten by insects, do not scratch them. You should apply some balsamic essence or dermatitis and other glucocorticoid preparations. After being stung by pine caterpillars, spiders, bees, etc., you should apply cold compresses.

[Pay attention to sun protection]

The ultraviolet rays in spring are not so gentle, and it will sneak into the skin that is directly exposed by the human body. Wear sunscreen or bring an umbrella when going out. If your face is blushing and hot from the sun, do not wash your face with cold water, but let the skin rest for a while before washing with warm water.

If you read this essay, then pack up and prepare to travel! Be sure you take a battery charger for iphone with you which is in travel essentials lists, espesically a wireless charging battery pack.

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