Why Do We Celebrate Easter with a Bunny?

Why Do We Celebrate Easter with a Bunny?

  At Easter, we will see many people on the street wearing rabbit costumes and handing out presents. It feels like Santa Claus is giving presents to everyone at Christmas. And now people usually put bunny decorations on Easter, or buy chocolate bunnies as Easter gifts.
  As two camping enthusiasts, I sometimes see rabbits in the forest. On Easter, I‘m recommended that you go to see real rabbits. If you really go camping, my partner and I will strongly recommend you take iWALK apple watch power bank. It is a power bank for apple watch and iphone. It is a must-have product for home, especially it is a must-have item in camping essentials list!

  Why do I say this, because since we used this, the camping experience we have gone out has improved linearly.
We went camping at the end of last month. We generally tend to camp for short and medium distances, which are more comfortable and not too tiring. But since we're out camping, there's only one point. The more prepared you are, the more comfortable you'll be. Of course, you have to be optimistic about the weather in advance to avoid rainy days.

A  camping essentials list of the equipment we bring:
1.Tent, tent mat, folding wooden table, folding bench, outdoor lamp, thermal insulation pot (remember to fill up with hot water before going), folding washbasin, washing and cleaning supplies, electric cooker, barbecue grill, charcoal, lighter, fire cloth (pay attention to prevent fire);
2.Sunscreen, sun hat, sun protection clothing, umbrella for both rain and shine;
3.Replacement of clothing, slippers, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags;
4.Ingredients, instant food, and ready-to-eat food that have been treated with drinking water;
5.Star lights, speakers;
6.iWALK portable charger for iphone(this is really a must-have, it can help you when there is no power)

  We arrived at ten o'clock in the morning (actually, there is an episode here, we can actually arrive before nine o'clock, but I forgot to charge the iWALK apple watch power bank the night before, fortunately it is a fast charge, delay us for just a while to full of power.
  Due to the one-hour delay, we rushed to Anzhaibu Camp as soon as we arrived. Finally, everything was arranged in time for lunch, because the barbecue in the evening was the highlight, so we ate a simple meal at noon. We simply cooked some vegetables and pasta, which was more than enough. I fished with my partner all afternoon and ended up with a fish he caught and I ended up empty-handed.
  Then came the most anticipated dinner, all camping, the barbecue must be fixed! We set up the grill and ordered the charcoal. Once you have prepared the ingredients, you are all set. But romance never goes out of style, we played music on the stereo and decorated the surroundings with little star lights. At this time, this power bank for apple watch and iphone was used again! I have to say, iWALK portable charger for iphone is really practical! The 9000mAh capacity has been used for a long time, and it can charge up to three devices. My Apple Watch is dead and also wirelessly charged with it. The tent next door saw it, and came to ask us "Which brand of power bank is this, it looks so small", hahaha
  So I enthusiastically introduced the iWALK portable charger for iphone I used to him, and gave him the link. I'll put it here as well.

iWALK Apple Watch Power Bank
  On the second and last day of camping, I got up in the morning and plugged the mobile phone that I played last night with only 5% of the battery into the iWALK power bank with only 2 bars left, and it was easily fully charged, especially powerful!
  After walking for a while, breathing in the fresh air, we headed home. Although it is only a short day and a half and a night, it is really relaxing to be able to embrace nature.
  As long as we are fully prepared the thing in camping essentials list, such as a power bank for apple watch, it can really help us solve some inconveniences of camping and make us more calm.
  It's almost Easter. Going to go camping with my partner again around Easter. If there are people who like outdoor camping like us, it is highly recommended to bring a small and large-capacity wireless apple watch power bank like this.
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