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Charging on the go made easier...

You do need a charger that you could walk around with, It’s good to give you boost if you’re battery is in the red. Great for traveling and while in working no bulky cords.

This iPhone portable battery charger doesn’t use a cord, that’s one thing you hate about most power banks is the cord drives you insane.

This pocket juice charge can be plugged into your phone and you can continue talking without losing battery life. It's small easy to carry and when connected to the phone it stays connected firmly. It's not loose doesn't fall out.

Just plug it into the phone and it begins charging immediately.

  • Fashion Design, super cute

    You’re absolutely going to love it! It delivers charge in style! And it does not interfere with your case.

  • Lightweight and great for travel

    Easy to fit in a purse or backpack when traveling. Easy to carry around and keeps your iPhone battery for the rest of the day..

  • Use ur Phone w/ ease while it's charging.

    It lasts a long time and you don't need a cord to attach it to the phone. One less thing to have to worry about. It also charges quickly.

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USB C Portable Charger

A perfect emergency carry


You can stick it in your purse or bag and carry it around no problem. Easy and fast charging. Probably holds around one charge for your phone. It's so cute!