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iWALK magsafe battery pack is a simple and easy way to charge iPhone (iPhone 12 series or later models) without the need for cables or connectors, It has a magnetic attachment feature, which allows the battery pack to seamlessly snap onto the back of the device.

We also have wireless charging capabilities, LED indicators for battery status, pass-through charging, fast-charging speed and supports Apple watch charging.

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Our many users prefer compact and lightweight options that are easy to carry around, making them ideal for travel or on-the-go charging.

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What is a magsafe battery pack?

A MagSafe battery pack is a portable external battery accessory specifically designed for Apple's MagSafe-enabled devices, primarily the iPhone 12 series or later models. It utilizes MagSafe technology—a magnetic attachment system introduced by Apple—to seamlessly attach to compatible iPhones and eliminating the need for cables or plugs

Is magsafe battery pack worth it?

Yes, If you're tired of charging cables. Enjoy the convenience of MagSafe battery packs, which offer both magnetic attachment and wireless charging capability.

If you place importance on portability and favor a slim, lightweight add-on that doesn't add substantial bulk to your phone, then a well-engineered MagSafe battery pack may be a valuable investment for you.

Like iWALK's magnetic power bank is a good choice, for our large capacity, fast-charging speed, and additional functionalities like pass-through charging or compatibility with other MagSafe accessories(apple watch).

If you are not using an iPhone 12 series or a later model, it would be advisable to consider other battery pack alternatives that may be more suitable for your specific needs.

How fast does the magsafe battery pack charge?

The magnetic power bank can depend on various factors, including the power input/output specifications of the battery pack itself and the iPhone's charging capabilities. The charging speed might not match the fastest wired charging rates available for these devices, as wireless charging tends to be slightly slower due to energy loss during transmission.

iWALK's magnetic power bank typically supports up to 18W of power delivery.

How many times can magsafe battery pack charge?

The number of times the MagSafe Battery Pack can charge depends on its capacity and your phone's capacity. Due to energy loss during charging, the actual number of full charges may be slightly lower.

For example, iWALK PowerGrip Mag have 6000mAh capacity that can provide 1.06 charges for iPhone 14 Pro, 1.2 charges for iPhone 14, 1.2 charges for iPhone 12 Pro, 0.75 chargers for iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Does the magsafe battery pack work with a case?

The magsafe battery pack is specifically designed to be compatible with MagSafe cases. This allows the battery pack to securely attach to the back of your iPhone, even if it's covered by a MagSafe-compatible case.

If a regular phone case is being used, suction will not be possible. Therefore, the regular case must be removed before using it.

Can you charge apple watch with magsafe battery pack?

Yes, Like iWALK PowerWatch 10000mAh have experimented with using the MagSafe Battery Pack to wirelessly charge their Apple Watch by placing the watch on the back of the MagSafe Battery Pack, taking advantage of the magnetic alignment.

Can you charge airpods with magsafe battery pack?

Yes, but the magsafe battery pack isn't specifically designed or intended for charging AirPods directly. For optimal and safe charging, it's best to use the official AirPods charging accessories provided by Apple.

Does apple magsafe battery pack work with samsung?

Yes, it can be used for charging Samsung and other Android phones, but not directly, you need to put a HaloLock(magnetic conversion kit) on the back of Samsung or other Android phones to use it.

Can you turn off magsafe battery pack?

To stop the charging process or disconnect the magsafe battery pack from the iPhone, you can detach the battery pack from the back of the iPhone. Once the magsafe battery pack is no longer magnetically attached to the iPhone, it stops charging.