Dive in to find the perfect small portable iphone charger for iPhone 13

Dive in to find the perfect small portable iphone charger for iPhone 13

In September 2021, Apple launched the iPhone 13 and its Pro version, as well as the corresponding mini and Max models. The list of innovations is relatively small, but it does appear in the right place: including an adaptive 120Hz display (at least in the Pro model) and more battery power.

Since the iPhone 11, the battery life of the iPhone has been greatly improved year by year, but Apple has achieved the biggest leap in 2021: the built-in battery capacity has increased by up to 19%, and the power-consuming components, which means that you can expect the battery life of the iPhone in 2021. improve.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the largest battery due to its size and can play streaming video for up to 25 hours (according to Apple's test). When streaming video, the battery life of its predecessor, the 12 Pro Max, is only 12 hours.

Our own tests prove that the new iPhone is a battery monster. The iPhone 13 Pro Max ran for 11 hours and 41 minutes (701 minutes). This is three hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro (8 hours and 41 minutes, or 521 minutes), which is pretty good.

The fastest way to charge iPhone 13 is to use a small portable iphone chargerĀ with a power of at least 20W. Did the battery run out when you went out? Connect your smartphone to the power bank charger for iphone, and your battery will recover to 55% to 60% in 30 minutes. During this period, the standard 12W charger can only recover 30% to 35% of the power. You donā€™t need an original Apple cute portable charger for iphone. iWALK brand 4500mah small portable iphone chargersĀ are equally fast.

But no matter how big and durable the battery is-it will have to be charged sooner or later. This may take a long time, especially when using large batteries. However, if you take full advantage of the iPhoneā€™s fast charging feature, you can minimize the time required. This means using a power bank charger for iphoneĀ that can take full advantage of the maximum charging speed. The charging speed of iPhone 13 depends on the model and the charging technology used. Many users prefer wireless charging, but the fastest way is still to use a data cable.

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Wired charging-the fastest way to charge

The fastest way to charge iPhone 13 is through the Lightning port. But in order to benefit from the maximum charging speed, you need a suitable power source.

All iPhones since iPhone 8 support up to 20 watts of charging power, but you need to purchase a 20W or higher power adapter (because one is not included in the box). You can buy the corresponding power bank charger for iphoneĀ from Apple or other manufacturers yourself.


iPhone 13 Pro Max charges faster

Although the charging power of all official iPhone 13 models is up to 20 watts, idropnews.com found that the charging power of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is up to 27 watts. If you own this model, a 30-watt third-party power supply can provide more power than Appleā€™s official 20W charger.

Like almost all current high-end smartphones, the recent iPhone also supports wireless charging via the Qi standard.

Compared with MagSafe, the charging process takes significantly longer. The maximum charging power is 7.5 watts, which is half that of MagSafe.

However, there are also benefits: Qi small portable iphone chargersĀ are compatible with almost all devices that support wireless charging. Therefore, you can provide power to your other devices and your Android friends. Many different manufacturers also provide Qi small portable iphone chargers. Here are some suggestions:

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