What is the Best Charging Method for iPhone?

What is the Best Charging Method for iPhone?

I believe that those who have used iPhone know that the battery capacity is relatively small, the battery life is poor, and the battery wears out quickly.

However, the iPhone has better performance.Ā After purchasing the iPhone 14, users are very concerned about the battery capacity and how to charge to prolong the life.

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Today, I summarizeĀ these methods. The first time charging and daily use precautions for purchasing new Apple models such as iPhone14 and iPhone13!

1. How long does it take to charge a new iPhone for the first time?

After buying the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, many users will use allĀ the battery and charge it for another 12 hours or overnight.

Now the iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery, so there is no need for such an operation. For the first time using it normally, there is no need to drain the battery, and the battery can be charged to full with more than 20% of the battery.


2. Do you need to recharge the battery after running out of power?

After Apple added fast charging technology, do you still use the old habit of waiting until the battery is exhausted before charging?

Some users believe that this can reduce the number of charging times and improve battery life.

Actually not, in Apple's words "you can charge the Apple Li-Ion battery anytime and anywhere". Because Apple Li-Ion batteries work in charge cycles, not times.

The iPhone charging cycle is 500 times, but battery wear and tear is related to many factors and the environment. It does not mean that 100% of the battery of each device has a lifespan of 500 cycles.

In summary, it is suggested that the battery can be charged at a minimum of 20%, and there is no need to drain the battery.

3. How to improve battery performance and prolong battery life?

Update to the latest iOS system

Regarding this point, Apple has officially stated that users are advised to update and run the latest version of the iOS system in time.

Apple explains that new iOS systems often include advanced energy-saving technologies, thus protecting the battery to some extent.

ios 15 & 16

Turn on low power mode

Turn on this mode to extend battery life when your iPhone's battery is low.

Typically, the iPhone will send a notification when the battery reaches 20% and again when the battery is 10%. You can freely choose whether to enable this mode.

Low battery mode will reduce screen brightness, optimize device performance, and minimize system animations.

low battery mode

View battery usage information

Currently, iPhone supports viewing battery usage information. Click [Settings] - [Battery], from here you can see the battery power ratio used by all APPs.battery ussage

Keep away from extreme temperature environment

The ideal operating temperature for Apple devices is between 16Ā°C and 22Ā°C, and high or low temperatures can damage the battery.

Especially when the temperature is higher than 35Ā°C, or the iPhone becomes very hot due to charging, using the device may cause permanent damage to the battery.

Remove the case when charging

I believe that after purchasing a new mobile phone, everyone will choose a variety of casings to cover, which is both beautiful and protects the device.

However, when charging with the case,Ā if the device isĀ gettingĀ hot, it may generate too much heat, which will affect the battery capacity.

iphone case

Therefore, it is recommended to remove the case before charging in this case.

Choose a safe and secure power bank

This iWALK portable charger for iphoneĀ has 9 safety protections such as overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overvoltage protection, which will not damage the device and escort your charging.

This iphone portable chargerĀ is small in sizeĀ andĀ easy to carry in a pocket or handbag on the go. AlthoughĀ this iWALK portable charger for iphoneĀ is only the size of a palm,Ā this iphone power bankĀ has a reassuring 9000mAh large capacity, and it is safe enough to go out!

power bank 9000mAh

This iphone portable chargerĀ hasĀ built-in lightning cable, which is also very convenient to charge the power bank. You only needĀ this iphone power bankĀ when you go out every day, and it doesn't matter if you don't have a cable. There are five colors of black, white, red and pink to choose from.Ā Besides, the 2022 Chrismas is coming. This iWALK portable charger for iphoneĀ as a Chrismasā€™s day cuteĀ small gift forĀ someone is also a good choice.

If you have any tips for maintaining battery performance, please share it with everyone in the message area!

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