What you don't know about iWALK

What you don't know about iWALK

The 20th anniversary of iWALK! December 15th, 2023, iWALK celebrated our 20th anniversary in a grand way. iWALK has gifts for everyone who shows up for the event!iwalk gift

CEO, Mr. Kim made a great opening statement, takes us through the development and challenges of iWALK over these 20 years and a great show.

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As a leading consumer electronics brand, iWALK has always been dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative tech products to global users, aiming to improve people's lives. Founded in 2003, becoming a brand that countless consumers trust and love. During Amazon's Black Friday in 2022, iWALK's star product DS3350L won both the 3C category and PowerBank TOP1. In July 2023, the best-selling product DBL4500 secured the 3C category TOP1 during the member's day.

iWALK products are renowned for our outstanding performance, reliable quality, and innovative design. For instance, the LinkPod series of portable power banks and charging cables have gained popularity among consumers due to their compactness, rapid charging capabilities, and durability. iWALK's direct-plug portable charger has transitioned from a B-class product to an industry-leading A-class product, pioneering and leading the market, and many competitors have been striving to emulate iWALK.

Many users highly praise the quality and performance of iWALK products, emphasizing our durability and reliability, considering our products an indispensable part of daily life. Numerous individuals have expressed how iWALK's charging devices provide tremendous convenience both during travel and everyday use.

iWALK has steadfastly held onto a belief: to make a genuine contribution to humanity's true happiness through technological revolution. We are not merely focused on product sales but are committed to using the power of technology to enhance people's life experiences.

Looking ahead, iWALK aims to continue innovating and introducing more products that make our lives more convenient and enjoyable. We will persist in prioritizing user needs and maintaining stringent standards for product quality, ensuring that users receive more delightful surprises. 

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