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iWALK LinkPod 4 | 4500mAh Pocket Size Cute Portable Charger [Built-In Lightning Connector]

iWALK LinkPod 4 | 4500mAh Pocket Size Cute Portable Charger [Built-In Lightning Connector]

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Plug tightly into your phone, impossible to shake off, compact and portable, charge while exercising, charge while making calls, charge while playing games, charge anytime, anywhere.
1) Upgraded Capacity: 4500mAh is big enough to fully charge your iPhone.
2) Upgraded built-in Cable: Supports thicker cases than last generation,no longer need to remove the case first to charge your iPhone.
3) Ultra-Compact: Size of a lipstick,not need a cord it’s easy to slip in your pocket or your purse.
4) Perfect for travel: stay mobile while charging, even on planes.
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    4500mAh (3.6V/16.2Wh)






    3*1.8*1 inch



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    iWALK LinkPod 4 | 4500mAh Pocket Size Cute Portable Charger [Built-In Lightning Connector]
    Regular price $34.99 USD
    Regular price Sale price $34.99 USD
    Mini Portable Charger
    LED Indicator
    Black, White, Pink, Red, Blue, Green
    3x1.9x1.1 inch & 90g
    iPhone 14/13/13 Pro/12/12 Pro/11/XR/XS/X/8/7/6
    Regular price $39.99 USD
    Regular price Sale price $39.99 USD
    PD Fast Charging, Colorful Mini Power Bank
    LED Display
    Purple, Pink, White
    3x2x1 inch & 99g
    iPhone 14/14 Pro Max/13/12/11 Series/X/8/7/6
    Regular price $34.99 USD
    Regular price Sale price $34.99 USD
    PD Fast Charging
    4500mAh (3.6V/16.2Wh)
    LED Display
    Black, White, Pink, Purple, Blue
    3x2x1 inch & 99g
    iPhone 14/13/13 Pro/12/12 Pro/11/XR/XS/X/8/7/6
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How long does this cute power bank take to charge my phone?

For example, iPhone 13 takes about 2.5 hours to 3 hours to fully charge. The exact charging time depends on the surrounding temperature, the heat loss of the phones, and other factors.

This cute power bank has a normal charging speed, if you want fast charging, please buy the product with the PD fast charging function.

How to use the cute portable charger?

Press the switch to turn on the LED indicator to show the power level, after 30 seconds of no output automatic shutdown. Simply plug the cute portable charger's jack directly into the bottom of your phone.

How to check the remaining battery on this power bank?

Press the switch and check the LED display lights on the unit.

How long does it take to charge the power bank?

it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the power bank.

How to know if the portable charger is fully charged?

Single light blinks when charging. When fully charged, the 3 lamps are always on.

Power bank charging habits and best practices

  • To preserve battery lifespan, use and recharge at least once
    every 4 mouths.
  • Use original or certified cables.
  • Do not expose to liquids.
  • Avoid use at too low or too high a temperature

How to turn off iwalk portable charger?

Press and hold the power on/off button or automatic power off after 30 seconds of non-use

What's the pass-through charging function?

Simultaneous charging of the phone and power bank at the same time and pass-through charging will fully charge the mobile phone first, then charge the product.