Is A Power Bank Worth It When Go to Outdoor Activities?

Is A Power Bank Worth It When Go to Outdoor Activities?

Are power banks worth it? Did you see a news recently? If you have saw the news, you will konw how worth it is that you must have a power bank.

“A Skier claims that iPhone SOS function saved his life after he fell into crack”. British man Tim Blakey, 41, was saved by Apple's iPhone SOS function after he fell into a hidden crack while snowboarding alone at 10,000 feet in the Swiss Alps. British man Tim Blakey, 41, a veteran snowboarder which have 17 years experirence, fell into the hole when the avalanche beneath his feet collapsed, LBC reported. If it wasn't for Blackie's fall on the fragile snow bridge, he might have fallen even harder.

Tim Blakey Power Bank

To make matters worse for the personal trainer, his iPhone battery was only 3 percent charged. Fortunately, he had a iphone power bank in his backpack, but he had to move very, very carefully to get it out. Another problem is that the screen is covered in ice and snow. So instead of trying to swipe across the wet display, he decided to use the device's SOS feature.

Tim Blakey knows that the SOS function is activated by pressing the iPhone's power button five times. This will automatically call the local emergency services, transmit his exact location, and send a message to his emergency contacts. Tim Blakey said he had a 3G connection there but needed the iPhone running long enough for them to find him, and it took 20 minutes before he contacted emergency services, who told him not to move.

After being trapped in the crack for 45 minutes, rescue volunteer Michael Schwarzl led the rescue team to Tim Blakey and called for an airlift by helicopter. Tim Blakey thanked Schwarzl and Apple in an Instagram post, praising how useful the SOS feature is, especially if the screen is wet.


What do you think? Do you think the power bank saved his life, or did the features of the iPhone save his life?

I may say the power bank saved his life. It is not only a must-have item for mountain climbing, but also one of the hiking or camping essentials list which you must take it when you are out. You might think it's not a big deal, but these camping essentials can save your life when it matters. If you go to outdoor activities, it is strongly recommended that you must bring a phone battery charger.

Spring is the best season for outdoor fitness exercises. Strengthening spring exercise can strengthen the body, maintain strong energy, and resist various epidemics in spring. Mountaineering, camping, kite flying, cycling and other sports are the most suitable outdoor sports in spring. But there are many dangers hidden in it, and a little carelessness will overshadow the originally pleasant journey.

Woman charging phone from power bank in forest

For urban peoples who don't have enough time, weekend excursions are a good choice. Going for a walk in the suburbs, shopping, eating delicious food, and getting close to nature can give you a holiday.

The biggest problem with short trips is that you're in a hurry and you don't have a lot of time to pack your bags. Today, I has listed a few essential items for short trips to help you travel!

If you are going for a travel, then this is the most important necessities : ID card, mobile phone, key, wallet. With these four treasures, going out will definitely not be a problem.

If you are traveling, a fully charged battery charger is required. Really, let me ask, who else goes out without a cell phone now? If you are talking about short trips, all factors aside, another advantage of mobile phones is to look up maps.

The mobile phone perfectly solved all the problems. Not only to look up the route, but also to translate, take a taxi... It's so practical. It turns out how desperate you are when you find that your phone is out of power. At this time, you will feel you need a power bank urgently.

If you are only traveling for a short distance, then you can bring a small power bank, which can greatly reduce your burden and meet the short-distance charging needs at the same time. If you are going on a long trip, then you should bring a large-capacity portable battery charger. A large-capacity portable charger can fully charge your phone all the time.

compatible device

No matter a small power bank or a large-capacity portable charger, just choose the best one which is fit for you.

Going to an unfamiliar place to be alone with yourself, just a few days, and then returning to a familiar city and life, just like charging, you can re-enter work, I like this kind of rhythm very much. This is probably the fascination of travel.

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