Is There a Power Bank That Can Be Charged Wirelessly?

Is There a Power Bank That Can Be Charged Wirelessly?

The power bank makes low-battery panic people feel like a new life. They don’t panic when they go out with a portable charger in hand. It is an indispensable peripheral accessory for digital devices and it has been developed for different occasions.

In addition to the power bank charger, you also need to bring a charging cord when you travel, wind it up and then store it. The charging cord makes travel cumbersome.

I selected three representative brand models in the market, namely: UGREEN Power Bank with charging cable, ANKER MagGo Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, iWALK Direct Plug Type portable charger, to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each power bank.

Plug-in power bank

This iWALK portable charger has a very unique integrated plug design, which integrates a Lightning or USB-C male interface on the body, getting rid of the trouble of data cables, and can directly charge mobile phones, tablets, wireless earphones and other devices without cables.


The iWALK portable charger pursues optimization and portability. It is about the same size as a lipstick or a lighter, and weighs only 92g. This cute power bank charger is small, light and easy to carry. In terms of performance, the integrated plug provides 5V1.5A power output, and the USB-C charging interface on the side supports 5V1.5A input.

The lightweight internal battery capacity of the iWALK portable charger is 4500mAh, and the rated output capacity is 2700mAh (5V1.5A), which can support the power demand of the mobile phone for about half a day. In the face of longer battery life in high-load situations, this cute power bank charger is still not enough.

Power bank with charging cable

The biggest difference between the power bank with charging cord and the ordinary power bank is that it integrates the charging cable. The cable can be placed in the slot at ordinary times, and there is no need to carry cumbersome cables separately for the take-out.

portable charger

In terms of performance, this UGREEN’s charging cable-contained power bank is made of Apple’s MFi-certified terminal head, which can provide a maximum of 20W PD fast charging for the entire series of iPhone 8-14, and the integrated 1A1C interface on the body also supports fast charging. Additionally, this model is also available with a USB-C cable.

Power banks with built-in cables are usually not much different from traditional power banks in terms of size and weight, and will not change the convenience of portability. The best-selling portable power bank on the market generally has a capacity between 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh, and the battery life is strong. This is its advantage as well as its disadvantage. When the power bank with its own cable is carried with the mobile phone, the weight and volume are relatively large.

Magnetic wireless power bank

This magnetic battery charger is mainly developed for the iPhone 12 / 13 / 14 series, and these Apple phones all have the MagSafe magnetic wireless charging function on the back. This magnetic battery charger is based on the ordinary charging treasure, adding a wireless charging module and magnetic components, so that it can be adsorbed on the back of the iPhone for charging, thus directly eliminating the trouble with the data cable.

ANKER MagGo Magnetic Wireless Power Bank has built-in magnetic components and a wireless charging module, which can provide a maximum of 7.5W wireless charging, and has a USB-C wired interface that supports 12W wired charging. The thickness of ANKER MagGo magnetic battery charger is only 12.8mm, and the weight is only 140g. It can still maintai integrated into the body shell,n high portability when it is attached to the mobile phone, and a folding bracket is which can be used as a mobile phone bracket after being pulled up. It is convenient to play mobile phone while charging.

anker maggo power bank

In terms of battery life, the ANKER MagGo magnetic battery charger has a built-in battery capacity of 5000mAh, which can charge an iPhone 13 Pro from 0% to 84%, and is mainly suitable for short-distance light travel.


In this comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these power banks: UGREEN power bank with charging cable, ANKER power bank with magnetic wireless charging and the iWALK portable charger with integrated plug. These three products have different advantages and cover different usage scenarios.

UGREEN’s self-contained power bank is based on the traditional power bank with an integrated data cable, so its weight and volume are not dominant. The battery capacity is large and outstanding, and the interface is rich. The built-in cable is made of MFi-ce’rtified terminals, and there is an optional USB-C cable version, which supports two-way fast charging.

ANKER Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is developed for iPhone users, and is not recommended for other mobile phone users. Its flat volume absorbs and charges, and it can still maintain a high degree of portability when carried with a mobile phone. It is suitable for short-distance travel, and it also has a foldable stand for easy charging while playing.

The battery capacity of the iWALK cute power bank charger is low, so it is not suitable for users with long battery life and high load. The weight is less than 100g and there is no pressure on the belt. Lightning and USB-C plugs are optional and compatible.

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