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iWALK 2023 Update 18W Magnetic Slim 5000mah Power Bank with LED Display

iWALK 2023 Update 18W Magnetic Slim 5000mah Power Bank with LED Display

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1) Ergonomic Design: Our power bank features a comfortable grip with an ergonomically designed palm area, ensuring a secure and pleasant touch.
2) Ultra-Slim & Lightweight: At just 0.5 inches thick and a weight of 5.3 ounces, this wireless portable charger is the perfect size for travel, work, and more.
3) Rapid Charging with PD 18W: Enjoy lightning-fast charging with both PD 18W input and output. Achieve a full charge in only 2.5 hours with PD input, and experience faster charging speeds than other options.
4) Smart LED Power Display: Keep track of your power bank's remaining charge with the intuitive digital LED display, making power management a breeze.
5) Versatile Compatibility: Specifically designed for iPhone 12/13/14/15 series (without a case or in a magnetic case), it also supports charging other devices via the included USB-C TO USB-C cable.
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    Product Dimensions:
    1 x 1 x 1 inches

    Item Weight:
    8.4 ounces

    Special features:
    Wireless Charging

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How to use magnetic power bank?

Magnetic power banks are designed to attach magnetically to the back of smartphones, especially those that support magnetic charging or accessory attachment. Check Compatibility: Make sure your smartphone is compatible with magnetic charging or accessory attachment. Magnetic power banks are often designed for specific phone models that support this feature, like some recent iPhones with MagSafe technology or certain Android phones. Charge the Magnetic Power Bank: Before you can use the magnetic power bank, make sure it's charged. Connect the power bank to a power source using the provided cable and charger. Most magnetic power banks use USB-C or micro-USB connectors for charging. Attach the Magnetic Power Bank: Depending on the design of the magnetic power bank, there are different attachment methods. Here are a couple of common scenarios: MagSafe Magnetic Power Bank (for iPhones): If you have an iPhone with MagSafe support and a compatible MagSafe magnetic power bank, simply align the magnetic coil on the back of your iPhone with the power bank's magnetic connector. It should snap into place. Your phone should recognize the power bank, and the charging process will begin. Magnetic Attachment Power Banks (for Android phones): For Android phones or other devices that support magnetic attachment, locate the magnetic area on the back of your device. Align this area with the corresponding magnetic connector on the power bank. The magnets should attract each other and hold the power bank in place. Your device should start charging. Monitor Charging: Once the magnetic power bank is attached to your smartphone and the magnets secure it in place, you should see the charging indicator on your device. This can be a visual icon or text indicating that it's charging. Use Your Device: You can use your smartphone while it's attached to the magnetic power bank, just as you would when using a regular power bank. Detach the Magnetic Power Bank: When your smartphone is charged, or when you no longer need the power bank, gently detach it by pulling it off the back of your device. It should come off easily thanks to the magnetic attachment. Recharge the Magnetic Power Bank: After using the power bank, make sure to recharge it for future use by connecting it to a power source.

What's the pass-through charging function?

Simultaneous charging of the phone and power bank at the same time and pass-through charging will fully charge the mobile phone first, then charge the product.