Can a Power Bank Explode?

Can a Power Bank Explode?

The northern hemisphere has entered summer completely. Although people often joke on social media that they are about to be "heated", no one expected that "heating" actually happened in the UK.

The melted runway at the international airport has caused flight chaos, and subways and trains have also been forced to slow down and reduce shifts to prevent the danger of track deformation due to high temperature.

As the weather gets hotter, the airtight environment inside the car can reach temperatures of more than 80 degrees under the sun. Compared with other types of batteries, the safety of the power bank is generally poor, and it is easy to cause fire and explosion in a high temperature environment for a long time.

Nowadays, everybody has a phone. So, the shared power bank has been loved by the public in UK.

Therefore, whether in restaurants, shopping malls, subway stations, entertainment venues and other crowded places, shared power banks are set up.

But sometimes it will become a "time bomb" if you are not careful.

The power bank cell has strong capacity plasticity and small volume. Due to its lightness, thinness, easy deformation and soft package design, it is not resistant to falling, and the aluminum foil is easily broken and bulged.

The cabinets that share the power bank generally have multiple power banks charging at the same time. If there is a problem with the product quality or improper circuit settings, it is likely to cause the battery to catch fire and explode.

Powerbank rental are used frequently, and have a shorter service life than personal power bank. It is usually used in crowded places. Once a fire occurs, smoke suffocation and stampede incidents are very likely to occur, resulting in tragedy.

It is better to use a trusted brand power bank like iWALK than a shared power bank with high hidden dangers.

iWALK power bank 20000mAh

With this magnetic power bank for iphone, you can take it wherever you go. Whether you take pictures or record videos and listen to music, you are not afraid of power outages, especially for someone who is anxious about power off.

Large capacity of 20000mA, LED digital display of remaining power, don't worry about running out of power. This iWALK wireless power bank can also be wirelessly charged! ! In addition to supporting magnetic wireless charging, the USB-C interface on the fuselage supports 18W bidirectional fast charging, providing three voltage outputs of 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A, whether it is charging the iPhone or the magnetic battery pack, it can be quickly charged. This iWALK wireless power bank can reduce waiting time and improve charging experience compared to the same type of slow charging portable battery.

iWALK Wireless Magnetic Portable Charger

It is not only a magnetic power bank for iphone but also a folding stand. The ordinary power bank has a single function and can only be charged. This iWalk wireless power bank can also be used as a mobile phone stand, watch videos and variety shows, freeing your hands.

Here are some guidelines for safe use of power banks.

  1. The charging time should not be too long to prevent the charger or the fuselage from overheating and causing an explosion; during the charging process, it is forbidden to place flammable and combustible items around the power bank. Do not run large programs while charging, because when large games or programs are in use, the mobile phone will overheat, and the increase in temperature will increase the charging requirements, resulting in overheating of the mobile power supply, causing explosion hazards;
  1. The power bank is also very squeamish. It should be placed in a ventilated, room temperature and dry environment. Do not use and store it in an overheated and humid environment. Do not touch the fire, do not expose the power bank to the sun, please avoid some very harsh environments. Never put the power bank on the dashboard of the car, because it is the place with the highest temperature in the car in summer, and other digital products should not be placed to prevent explosion.
  1. It is very important to choose a charger. Don't buy some cheap but high-capacity chargers. At first glance, they are fakes, or the quality is not guaranteed. You can buy them from the official websites of some high-quality charger providers or flagship stores.The capacity should not be chosen blindly, because the capacity is proportional to the explosion intensity, the larger the capacity, the greater the explosion power;
  1. Pay more attention to the appearance of the power bank at ordinary times.Please do not use it if there are some abnormalities, and do not disassemble or impact the power bank by yourself. If you find that the battery is swollen, leaking or has a peculiar smell, stop using it immediately;
  1. When going out, avoid placing the charging treasure together with keys and other metal and hard objects. Put the charging treasure in the suitcase and place it reasonably to avoid impact, and prevent the battery cell from being crushed and impacted to cause explosion and combustion;
  1. Do not use the power bank too frequently, and do not charge and discharge too frequently, too frequent will shorten the lifespan and increase the risk of danger.
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